Black Label Edition Tattoo Salve 600mg 7oz (4 ct)

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Black Label Edition Perfect Healing Salve is made with premium quality ingredients, 100% vegan and organic glide that can be used during the tattooing process. It is packed with the 82 trace sea minerals that make our glides the best-selling on the market. This anti-inflammatory skin protectant, naturally reduces pain and is used by professional tattoo artists world-wide for all skin types and many different skin issues. It is one of the strongest salves on the market. Tattooers and permanent make-up artists experience less wiping, no mess and redness during the tattoo process. It will help calm deep tissue swelling, psoriasis, diaper rash, eczema, bruises, smp, burns and abrasions.

What is the Black Label Edition?
All of our products are formulated and tested to make sure you are getting the highest quality you would expect from the best aftercare company on the market. H2Ocean’s Black Label Edition
products have had rigorous testing and also have been developed alongside industry professionals with years in the business, and have had no expense spared when sourcing ingredients. These products get the respect of being in a class of their own, and the Tattoo Healing Salve is no exception.

For over two years, H2Ocean has been working alongside trusted and world renowned researchers to assure your Certification of Analysis. H2Ocean quality you can trust in our tattoo salve.

How to use: Use the Perfect Tattoo Salve 600mg as you would any traditional tattoo glide.

Tips and Tricks: Don’t forget, you can layer the NOTHING FOAM SOAP with the glide for additional immediate relief.
DO NOT use green soap or any other alcohol based product while using any Lidocaine products. Alcohol does not allow Lidocaine to work to its full potential.

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